Litchfield UCC Reopening Guidelines

These Guidelines are in place for in person worship services and church use. They are for the safety of everyone and may change due to circumstances or state guidelines. Please read carefully.

  1. 6 foot social distancing must be observed at all times.
  2. Be aware of any illness symptoms. If you have a fever or any illness symptoms please stay home.
  3. Masks MUST be worn while entering or exiting the church, or if you must get up to leave your seat.
  4. Enter through Fellowship hall ONLY. You may exit through fellowship hall or the front door. Do NOT use the kitchend door except as an emergency exit.
  5. When entering the building, go to a seat in the sanctuary. Do NOT wander around so that we do not risk compromising social distancing guidelines.
  6. Bulletins will be on a table as you enter the sanctuary.
  7. Offering plate will be just inside the sanctuary. Please drop your offering in as you enter or exit.
  8. Pews to remain empty will be marked off.
  9. Only members from the same household may sit together.
  10. Do NOT share or exchange pew items with other pews.
  11. If you must use the restroom, disinfecting spray will be in each. Please spray the toilet, sink, and door handles when exiting.
  12. There will be NO choir, at this time.
  13. There will be NO singing during service, at this time.
  14. There will be NO fellowship following services, at this time.
  15. No gathering or lingering inside the church before or after service. Social distancing must be observed outside.
  16. At the end of service, please be courteous of social distancing while exiting.
  17. Communion will NOT be passed. We are working on a safe and contactless way to offer Communion.
  18. There will be NO scripture or part one readings by members, at this time.
  19. Pastor will wear a mask to enter and exit, but remove it for service. The pastor will use and remain at the podium.
  20. Announcements will be done from the lectern only and a mask will remain on.
  21. The podium and lectern will not be shared between persons during a service.
  22. Candles will be lit and extinguished by the person assigned to announcements.
  23. Kitchen is closed. Please do NOT get anything to eat or drink from the kitchen.
  24. Feel free to bring your own drinks if needed.

Attend only if you feel comfortable. Sermons will continue to be posted on our website or sent out if needed, and our weekly letters from the Pastor will contiue to go out. Do NOT feel that you have to attend service to be part of our church.

Thank You and God Bless.

Last Updated 2020-Jun-27st